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Conservatories Prices

Conservatories Prices .com offer a 100% free quotation service, offering you multiple quotes from locally approved contractors and national companies. This makes it easier for you to get a good deal by comparing conservatory prices and making an informed decision on who to choose to install this very stylish home improvement.

We use a UK database of approved installers from all over the country giving you a great selection and when you compare prices for conservatories - you are much more likely to get a better price when you compare quotes from multiple companies.

When you are about to purchanse any home improvement product that will effect the structure of your property and last for years to come, it is of great importance that you make the right choice at the design stage with what options to select. Should you choose hardwood or upvc? What colour, e.g. rosewood, cream or the more traditional white? You can even save money by fitting the conservatory yourself. For more information, just visit the contact us page and ask our expert team a question.

How Much Can I Save ?

This would depend on a number of factors, including size, style, material and glazing options so there is no way anyone can gauge how much can be saved by comparing quotes from contractors. If you get just one quotation, there is no way to tell if that company is overcharging you so when you get three quotes from local and national installers, you will have 3 different prices which you can examine and use to make an informed decision comparing price against what is offered.

UPVC conservatories are the most affordable which range in price depending on what your build options are. For example, if you choose the more common option of a dwarf wall, you will pay less for the conservatory but you will need to pay a builder to fit the foundations and the base however the end result is a much more solid extension to your home. UPVC conservatories start at around £3,000 upwards and really it all depends on the company you are dealing with and their pricing structure.

Hardwood conservatories ooze style and quality and if you own a period property, it is definatley worth considering a wooden conservatory simply because it will match your property and add a lot more value than a typical PVCu conservatory.

Hardwood conservatories will almost definatley cost more as both the materials and the installation will be more difficult which will of course, reflect in the price quoted. However if you carefully compare quotes from a few companies, you could make a great saving compared to getting just one price. Why leave things to chance? Make an informed decision today and compare conservatories prices from leading uk local and national companies.